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Snowflake - Secure Data Sharing


To configure a Secure Data Sharing connection with Snowflake, you need to be:

  • A user with the ACCOUNTADMIN role OR any other role granted the CREATE SHARE privilege.

Setup Instructions

Create a Share

  1. In the web application, on the left hand side, navigate to the Data menu item and select Private Sharing.

  2. Select Share Data in the top right of the window.

    Snowflake Add Share
  3. Select the table(s) or view(s) you'd like to connect.

  4. Using the table below, find your cloud provider and region, and enter the associated account locator in the account name field and select Create Share.

Cloud ProviderRegionAccount Locator
AWSUS East (Ohio)LX70972
AWSUS East (N. Virginia)GWB12441
AWSUS West (Oregon)XSA53251
AzureCentral US (Iowa)TL16231
AzureEast US 2 (Virginia)IP74544
AzureSouth Central US (Texas)IM92775
AzureWest US 2 (Washington)VA77136
GCPUS Central 1 (Iowa)EF36510
GCPUS East 4 (N. Virginia)RG26860

Configure Metrics & Dimensions

  • Once the sharing connection is complete, please let us know and we will work to configure the metrics and dimensions to observe.