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To configure a connection with Braintree, you need:

  • Access to an active Braintree payments account, with API access privileges

Setup Instructions

Find API key information

  1. Login to the Braintree web client

  2. Select Account > My User from the top menu

    Braintree Setup - My User
  3. In the Edit User screen, click View Authorizations.

    Braintree Setup - View Authorizations
  4. In the Private Key column, select View next to the public API key of your choice. You can either use any of the existing API keys or generate a new API key set for Payloader.

    Braintree Setup - API Keys
  5. Find the public key, private key, and merchant ID in the Client Library Key screen and make a note of them

    Braintree Setup - Copy API Keys

Finish Configuration

  1. In the connector setup form, enter the public key, private key, and merchant ID into the appropriate fields
  2. Click Save. Payloader will take it from here and begin syncing across your payment data

Enhanced Security

For enhanced security, you can assign specific privileges by creating a dummy user with the desired privileges and use the API keys for that specific user. Be sure to enable API access for that user. A list of required privileges can be seen below:

Braintree Setup - Role Permissions