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To configure a connection with Adyen, you need:

  • Access to manage API credentials (Manage API Credentials role).
  • Access to download reports (Merchant Financial role).

Setup Instructions

Create an Adyen Report User

  1. In the Customer Area, navigate to the Account menu item and select API Credentials
Adyen Add API User
  1. Select Report User under the "User Account Details" section

  2. Enter the User Name and Password automatically generated by Adyen into the appropriate fields in the connector setup form.

Adyen Report User Credentials
  1. Navigate to the Accounts tab under the "Roles and Associated Accounts" section and enable access at the company level and for any merchant accounts you'd like to integrate.
  2. Save the Report User.

Setup Automatic Report Generation

  1. In the Customer Area, navigate to the Finance menu item and select the Payment accounting report.
Adyen Payment Accounting Report
  1. With the Company account selected, toggle the reporting setting for Automatic Generation of CSV files.
Adyen Automatic Report Generation
  1. Repeat the previous step for the Received payment details report, turning on automatic report generation at the merchant account level. This report is not available at the Company level.